Not Just Hats by Sheila

Not Just Hats by Sheila
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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rustic Dog Sweater

Knit Dog Sweater Size Large Brown Red Orange

Adorably warm hand knitted dog sweater. Tweeds of Rustic Brown, Red, and a hint of Orange with Pumpkin colored trim and collar in ribbed stitch.

Functional and Fashionable. I say functional because it helps with the shedding. Katie is not only the model for this sweater; she has been part of my family for almost three years now. She is a mix of Bassett hound and Beagle. Hounds shed 24/7, 365 days a year!! Her sweater keeps her fur confined in her sweater. Once a day, I take her sweater off, shake it outside and put it back on her. Wa-laaa, less fur for me to clean!!!!

Pictured is a Size Large

Chest: 26 " circumference
Length: 19" excluding collar
Neck: 18" circumference
Adjustable with 2 buttons on each side
100% acrylic.
Machine wash and dry

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just for Men. . . . .

Knit Ear Warmers for Baseball Caps

I have to thank a very important man in my life for giving me this idea, my Dad. He had a picture from a catalog and asked me to make him one. Now, your important man can have one as well.

Winterize your favorite ball cap!

Your ears need warmth, don’t they? Here's the solution for the man who lives in his baseball caps. Hand knit by me in 100% soft acrylic yarn, these ear warmers slip on easily over your ball cap.

100% acrylic.
Machine wash and dry.

I have too many colors to list so just send me an email with your color preference