Not Just Hats by Sheila

Not Just Hats by Sheila
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Himalaya Aloo Yarn...... Exfoilating Cloths

So I ordered this Himalaya Aloo Yarn the other day and just didn’t know what to use it for. 

Just a little info if you’re interested;   The Himalayan Aloo plant grows 12-16 feet tall in elevations of 5500-8500.  In rural Nepal, the leaves from this plant provide food for both people and livestock.

Both leaves and roots are used for medicinal purposes to relieve headaches and fevers.
The stem fibers are traditionally spun into yarn that is used for making fishing nets, storage bags for food (aloo is a natural moth and bug repellent) as well as woven into cloth for garments.

Mountain people still process this fiber according to traditional methods for us and it is only seasonally available according to the growing season.

That being said, I made exfoliating scrubbies out of it.

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